This is the part where I tell you some things about me!

Here’s a sale’s pitch about Business Brent: 


   As a seasoned system administrator/engineer, I bring 18 years of I.T. experience to the table. I have provided support to clients of varying sizes/complexities across multiple industries. I have a reputation for being a charismatic and cooperative team member or leader for project teams while also disseminating knowledge through active training or custom-made S.O.P materials.


   What this means for your organization is that I can provide a dynamic level of interaction and support with and for fellow team members, clients, and internal users. My tenure within the I.T. field has given me the ability to provide support for legacy software and hardware types. This has also afforded me the capability to plan projects/system deployments and manage their growth into fully integrated/adopted pieces of your architecture.

   On top of my years of experience, I bring to your team a lifelong desire for expanding and sharing my library of skills and knowledge; enhancing my existing capabilities and expertise;  and encouraging growth within my team members. I would love to hear from you and we can discuss how I could be an asset to you and your team.